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Whole genome analyses based on single, field collected spores of the AMF F.geosporum

posted on 12.09.2022, 04:16 authored by Shadi Eshghi SahraeiShadi Eshghi Sahraei, Marisol Sanchez GarciaMarisol Sanchez Garcia, Merce Montoliu-Nerin, David Manyara, Claudia Bergin, Søren Rosendahl, Anna RoslingAnna Rosling

The item contains data and figures supporting the publication with the same name. In this study we sequenced nuclei and assembled genomes for two spores from an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi morphotypically identified as Funneliforms geosporum. The spores were collected at the Kunsgängen nature reserve just south of Uppsala, Sweden.

The file "Spore nuclie scatter plots and MDA results for ..." contains information on the spores from which nuclei were sorted in this project including FACS scatterplot, well positions, MDA, PCR screening for bacteria and fungi as well as a list of which nuclei were selected for sequening. 

The zipped folder "Alignments for species identification.zip" contains alignments and phylogenetic trees for there reference genes (Fox, LSU and Tor) used for species identification of the morphotyped spores agains known species.

The file "Alignment of MAT contigs from all funneliformis.phy" contains one contig from each of the four Funneliformis genome assemblies with a gene homologous to one of the genes in the mating type locus identified in Rhizophagus irregulars, gene bank accession number KT946687

The file "Alignment of MAT contigs from all funneliformis extraction.fasta" contains the region from each of the four contigs that was extracted from the above alignment and used to Blast all single nuclei assemblies for potential mating type locus homologues.

The two excel files "Fig 3a..." and "Fig 3b..." contains the FunAnnotate output for gene families CAZyme and MEROPS and calculations for Fig 3a and b.


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