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Spatiotemporally controlled generation of NTPs for single-molecule studies of NTP-driven processes

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posted on 02.08.2022, 14:05 authored by Anton SabantcevAnton Sabantcev, Guanzhong Mao, Javier Aguirre Rivera, Mikhail Panfilov, Anatolii Arseniev, Oanh Ho, Mikhail A. Khodorkovskiy, Sebastian Deindl

Data supporting the findings of the paper titled "Spatiotemporally controlled generation of NTPs for single-molecule studies" in Nature Chemical Biology which describes a method for controlling NTP-driven reactions in single-molecule experiments via the local generation of NTPs (LAGOON) that increases the measurement throughput and enables single-turnover observations. 

The dataset contains single-molecule FRET data capturing T4 helicase DNA unwinding, nucleosome remodeling by Chd1 and the invasion of a nucleosome by the T7 RNA polymerase. Additionally, the dataset contains acoustic force spectroscopy data on E. coli RNA polymerase elongation.



KAW/WAF 2019.0306

KAW 2016.0077

Cancerfonden 19 0055 Pj

VR 03534

Priority 2030 075-15-2021-1333



Uppsala University