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Human T cell scRNAseq

posted on 12.07.2021, 08:15 by Joanna HårdJoanna Hård, Jakob MichaelssonJakob Michaelsson
This dataset contains genomic TCR beta sequences from single cell DNA samples amplified by multiple displacement amplification (MDA) and subjected to nested PCR targeting the genomic TCR beta locus. The individual files contain raw data representing nucleotide sequences including both productive and non-productive rearrangements of the TCR beta sequence (with dropout in some cases).

FASTQ files corresponding to single cell RNAseq data from single CD8+ T cells prepared by the smart-seq2 method.

FASTQ files for 25-cell ‘mini-bulk’ RNAseq for CD8+ T cells prepared according to the smart-seq2 protocol.



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